Welcome to the Swedish eHealth Agency

Our task is to lead and coordinate government e-health initiatives. This means that we work to bring about better information-sharing within health and social care.

Better health and health care with e-health 

Much has happened in the care sector within a short space of time. We have gone from paper prescriptions to e-prescriptions, medical record systems are now electronic, and appointments are booked online. These are all examples of e-health. 

There are several different definitions of e-health, but we use the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare definition: “By health, we mean physical, mental and social well-being. E-health is about using digital tools and sharing information digitally to achieve and maintain a good level of health.” 

The following are examples of e-health:

  • Prescriptions sent electronically by doctors, nurses or vets to the national prescription register that we are responsible for. All pharmacies in Sweden use our databases to get the information they need to dispense a prescription.
  • Appointment booking online, medical records online, CBT sessions online, interpreter booking.
  • Meeting the doctor via video link.
  • For example, we enable pharmacies to use EES (electronic expert support) to make it easier to check whether your medicines interact.
  • Applications that allow you to gather information about your state of health.
  • As used in operating theatres, for monitoring (e.g. heartbeat), and personal alarms.

What do we do? 

A major part of our identity is our knowledge of technology and digitalisation. Our aim is to use this knowledge to improve the care and health of everybody living in Sweden.

To achieve this vision, we work in a range of different ways. 

Our mission is to: 

  • Lead, drive and work in partnership 
    Work on e-health is facing a number of challenges. One of our most important tasks is to lead the development of e-health in Sweden. We focus on finding solutions to problems and on our drive to establish better information-sharing within health and social care.

  • Create structures and monitor quality 
    We develop and ensure the quality of the infrastructure that links providers of health and medical services with residents. This includes managing electronic prescriptions in Sweden. Our work promotes the efficient and secure handling of pharmaceutical information.

    We gather and supply statistics about pharmaceutical sales from pharmacies, retailers and wholesalers. Anyone selling pharmaceuticals in Sweden is bound by law to provide regular reports of their sales to the eHealth Agency.

  • Provide services 
    We also provide services and products to facilitate the work of care and health services and pharmacies as well as e-services for private individuals.


Medicine check 

Do you want to be able to keep track of your prescriptions and medicines you have collected? Use your electronic identification (e-ID) and log in to Medicine Check. It’s an e-service we have created which enables you to see: 

  • your prescriptions; 
  • what medicines you have collected; 
  • how much more you will have to pay before you are eligible for high-cost protection. 

You can also download your data from pharmaceutical registers. If you are a parent or guardian, you can see prescriptions for children under 12. If you own an animal, you can check prescriptions for your pet.

Use your e-ID to log in to the service. You can also request an extract from our records by sending in a form.

Keep track of medicines via EES 

Electronic expert support (EES) is a decision support facility that helps pharmacists check your medicines when you collect them at the pharmacy. 

My Issued Prescriptions 

If you are a prescriber, you can use My Issued Prescriptions to order various reports and monitor (your own) prescription patterns in your own time. The service is also available to health care business managers. 

There is also an e-service which enables users to produce their own tables and graphs about pharmaceutical sales in Sweden.

Facts about the Swedish eHealth Agency:

  • Our Director General is Gunilla Nordlöf.
  • We are based in Kalmar and have an office in Stockholm.
  • As a government agency, we are subject to the principle of open access to information, which means that any documents you send us may become public.

Declaration of Interest

Here you can learn how the form Declaration of Interest should be filled out. You can also read about the various types of conflicts of interest and how the national agencies view these issues. The primary purpose is to inform external experts who are, or could be, engaged by the agencies.



Interested in your data? 

You can get the personal data we process by using digital e-services, sending an application form or visiting your local pharmacy.

Register extracts

If you have e-ID, you can access your data stored in the High-Cost Database, the Pharmaceutical Register and the Prescription Repository at: 

  • E-tjänsten Läkemedelskollen (Medicine Check E-service); 
  • County council website 1177 Vårdguiden (1177 Healthcare Guide); or 
  • Contact your local pharmacy. 

You can also: 

  • order register extracts direct from us. You’ll find forms here. 

Complete and sign the relevant form and send it to the Swedish eHealth Agency, Customer Services, Box 913, 391 29 Kalmar. (Requests cannot be made by email). Register extracts containing information about the data we process about you can be supplied free of charge once per calendar year following a written request. 


A private individual may authorise another private individual, or a care facility, to represent them in some dealings with pharmacies. All delegations of authority are stored in the Delegations of Authority Register that we are responsible for. 

What does delegation of authority mean in this context? 

An authorised person can do the following: 

• Order and pick up medicines and/or items you have obtained with a doctor’s prescription;

• Obtain an overview of all your active prescriptions;

• Obtain information about your current balance and start date in the high-cost threshold database.

The forms needed to delegate authority to another person can be found here.

Personal data and public documents

The processing of personal data in our registers is governed by the Swedish Personal Data Act, the Prescription Registration Act and the Pharmaceutical Register Act. Amongst other things, these laws govern the type of personal data that may be processed and for what purpose, as well as who is entitled to access the data and for what purpose. 

The eHealth Agency is the controller of personal data for the purposes of any processing of your personal data carried out by the Agency. All Agency employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality. Only authorised persons at the Agency and at the pharmacy may have access to your data, and only if required for work purposes. 

Access to official documents

If you wish to access official documents, please get in touch with our registrar. 

How to contact us

Swedish eHealth Agency
Box 913
391 29 Kalmar

Tel (switchboard): +46 (0)10-458 62 00 
E-mail: registrator@ehalsomyndigheten.se