Raised limits in the high-cost reimbursement scheme on January 1st 2024

From January 1st 2024, the limit in the high-cost threshold for medicines will be raised from SEK 2,600 to SEK 2,850.


According to the new levels in the high-cost reimbursement scheme, you as a pharmacy customer will never pay more than SEK 2,850 during a twelve-month period for medicines and other assistive products covered in the high-cost protection scheme

You pay the actual cost for your medicines up to SEK 1,425. After that the high-cost protection scheme is activated and you will start to get a discounted price.

In the e-service “Läkemedelskollen”, you can see your high-cost benefits and how much you have paid during your high-cost period. You can also get information about your high-cost benefits via the pharmacy websites or by asking the pharmacist next time you visit a pharmacy.

About the price base amount

The price base amount is used, for example, to calculate various benefits and fees. It is Statistics Sweden, SCB, that calculates how large the price base amount should be, based on the general price situation. The government then decides on the price base amount for each year.