High-cost protection

In Sweden, high-cost protection (högkostnadsskydd), means that you, as a private individual, will pay a lower price for health care, dental care, medical travel, and medications above a certain amount. For the system to work with regard to medication costs, there is a high-cost database, which contains information on how much each person has paid.

What is high-cost protection?

High-cost protection is a benefit that is regulated by law. The protection means that the cost of medications is reduced for a person entitled to the benefit who has a prescription issued in Sweden. You are entitled to high-cost protection if you reside in Sweden. For information about high-cost protection for health care and dental care, see Related information.

Persons from the EEA and Switzerland are, under certain circumstances, entitled to high-cost protection when they are in Sweden. Persons who are otherwise employed in Sweden, but are not resident here, are also entitled to most parts of the high-cost protection.

The cost of your prescription medications will gradually decrease over a twelve-month period. During this period, you never pay more than SEK 2,850. When the total cost of the medication before the discount amounts to SEK 6,994, you will have paid SEK 2,850 yourself. You will then receive a free card for the remainder of the current twelve-month period.

On 1 January 2024, the ceiling for the high-cost protection for medications will be raised from SEK 2,600 to SEK 2,850. This is because the price base amount will be increased from SEK 52,500 to SEK 57,300 at the turn of the year.