Vaccination certificate

Those vaccinated against COVID-19 can obtain a vaccination certificate. Here are the steps for obtaining a digital certificate on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

  1. Get vaccinated. Within seven days, your vaccination status will be reported to the National vaccination register.
  2. Log in using your e-Identification at
  3. Download, print, or save your vaccination certificate. When you obtain your certificate, it will automatically be sent to your digital letterbox as well. Those without a digital letterbox can read here about how to get one
  4. You’re ready to use your certificate. Remember to consult the applicable travel regulations in your destination or the regulations at the event you are going to attend.

How long does it take to get a vaccination certificate?

It takes a number of days (max seven) after vaccination before you can obtain your vaccination certificate. This is the time required for those who carried out the vaccination to report data to the National vaccination register.

Do I need a vaccination certificate to attend an event?

The government has decided that vaccination certificates can be used as an infection control measure at public events and public gatherings. People who are 18 years and older then need to show vaccination proof if the organizer requires it. Organizers who choose not to require vaccination certificates need to instead follow the Public Health Agency's regulations on infection-proof arrangements.

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Must I be vaccinated in order to get a vaccine certificate?

You are entitled to a vaccination certificate after receiving one dose of the vaccine.

However, certain countries may restrict entry to travellers with only one dose of the vaccine. The responsibility is yours to enquire about the particular restrictions that apply at your destination or the regulations at the attend you are going to attend.

In the first case, information regarding travel abroad is provided by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD). At the website of the Swedish embassies, Sweden Abroad, you can find information regarding restrictions in various countries.  UD’s app Resklar simplifies keeping track of the applicable restrictions at your destination.

To attend an event with more than 100 participants, indoors, where the arranger demands a vaccination certificate, you must be vaccinated with either:

1. two doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech), Spikevax (Moderna) or Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)


2. one dose of Covid-19 Vaccine (Janssen).

14 days must have passed since you got your latest dose.

How long is the vaccination certificate valid?

A vaccination certificate is valid for 180 days.

You can get a new certificate any time, at

Can I get a vaccine certificate for my children?

Yes, you can do so by logging on, with e-Identification, at Log on and choose "Hämta mitt barns vaccinationsbevis".

If you do not have e-Identification, please read more here.

Has your vaccination been registered under a reserve number?

Read more here if your vaccination has been registered under a reserve number.

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