Persons without personal identity numbers or coordination numbers can get vaccination certificates from January

Persons with neither a personal identity number nor a coordination number have had their Covid-19 vaccinations registered under what is known as a reserve number. Beginning in January 2022, these persons can obtain a vaccination certificate by contacting the healthcare system in their region. This requires that the persons have been vaccinated in Sweden.

The Swedish eHealth Agency was previously unable to issue vaccination certificates for persons whose vaccinations have been registered under reserve numbers in the National Vaccination Registry, as reserve numbers were not able to be linked to specific individuals.

On 28 October 2021, the Swedish Government commissioned the Swedish eHealth Agency to develop a manual routine for the issuance of vaccination certificates in special cases, such as when vaccinations have been registered under reserve numbers. On 13 December, the Swedish eHealth Agency presented its technical solution.

Regions will begin to offer this service beginning in January, but the actual starting dates may vary

The regions are now training the employees assigned to this function and will begin issuing digital vaccination certificates to persons who have neither a personal identity number nor a coordination number, beginning in January 2022. The actual starting dates, however, may vary amongst the different regions, and can be accessed on your regional 1177-page.

How it works

Those residents who have had their vaccinations registered under reserve numbers should contact the healthcare system in the region where they were vaccinated via in order to obtain a vaccination certificate.

Using a web-based interface supplied by the Swedish eHealth Agency, the healthcare system in each region will verify vaccinations performed, after which the Swedish eHealth Agency will be able to issue vaccination certificates.

Each person will have their vaccination certificate sent by post to them by registered mail at the address they gave at the time they contacted the healthcare system.