News about the Covid certificate

  1. Vaccination certificates for Swedish residents who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in third countries

    Swedish residents who have been vaccinated in third countries (countries outside the EU/EEA) can receive a vaccination certificate from 1 February.

  2. Persons without personal identity numbers or coordination numbers can get vaccination certificates from January

    Persons with neither a personal identity number nor a coordination number have had their Covid-19 vaccinations registered under what is known as a reserve number. Beginning in January 2022, these persons can obtain a vaccination certificate by contacting the healthcare system in their region. This requires that the persons have been vaccinated in Sweden.

  3. The Swedish eHealth Agency works to ensure that more people receive vaccination certificates

    At the moment, the Swedish eHealth Agency receives many questions if it is possible to get a vaccination certificate for those who have been vaccinated outside the EU or if they do not have a Swedish personal identity number or a coordination number. Here, the agency answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

  4. Vaccination certificates introduced at public events and public gatherings

    From 1 December, vaccination certificates can be used at public events and public gatherings with more than 100 participants indoors. People under the age of 18 do not have to present vaccination certificates, at events like these.

  5. Vaccination certificates as an infection-control measure may be introduced from 1 December

    The Public Health Agency has submitted a request to the government regarding the introduction of vaccination certificates for people aged 18 and over from 1 December. The Public Health Agency sees such a need at indoor events of more than 100 participants.