The Nordic e-health gathering 2018

The Nordic e-health gathering is organized by the Swedish eHealth Agency, as an initiative under the Swedish government’s 2018 presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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The purpose is to promote Nordic e-health by giving the Nordic countries an opportunity to discuss common issues, share experiences and good examples and to find possible areas for future collaboration. The attendees are representatives from the ministries, government agencies and organizations responsible for e-health development in the five Nordic countries.

The gathering will take place in November, and the topics for discussion will be standardization and national medication lists – issues that are highly relevant for e-health development in all the Nordic countries. The discussions will be filmed, and from November 19 to November 23 you can take part of the events of the gathering online.

During the same week, The Centre for Rural Medicine in Storuman, Sweden, will be organizing a Nordic conference on healthcare and care with distance spanning technologies. An additional part of the Nordic e-health gathering will be held during this conference. This part will include discussions on topics such as citizens’ consumer behavior regarding health and social care services and how it is affected by the increased availability of digital services.The conference will take place in Storuman in the north of Sweden, on November 20 and 21. Parts of it will also be available online.


Norway: Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

Denmark: Sundhedsdatastyrelsen

Finland: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Iceland: Directorate of Health

Sweden: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Swedish eHealth Agency


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