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Vaccination certificate for Swedish residents who have received a vaccination in a third country

Swedish residents who have been vaccinated in third countries (countries outside the EU/EEA) can receive a vaccination certificate.

You must:

  • be registered in Sweden

  • have a digital mailbox that can receive official mail

You must have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine that is approved in the EU or a vaccine that is on the WHO's Emergency Use Listing for vaccines.

You must have received the final vaccination in a series in a third country. Third countries are countries outside the EU/EEA and countries where it is not possible to obtain a vaccination certificate, even though the country is linked to the EU's system for digital covid certificates.

You must be able to present documents to verify your identity and original documents about the vaccinations you received abroad.

If you are 16 or older, you can apply for the vaccination certificate yourself. Guardians can request vaccination certificates for children in their care who are under the age of 18. The vaccination certificate is sent to the guardian's registered address.

The vaccination(s) that you received in a third country are not registered in the National Vaccination Register in Sweden.

Applications for vaccination certificates are made to the National Government Service Centre

The National Government Service Centre checks documentation for vaccinations received in third countries.

If you have been vaccinated in a third country, you can apply for a vaccination certificate at the National Government Service Centre. Visit any of the offices below to apply:


Service office, Stockholm Odenplan
Odengatan 54, Stockholm
Here you will find opening hours and more information

Service office, Liljeholmen
Liljeholmsvägen 22, Stockholm
Here you will find opening hours and more information


Service office, Järntorget
Första Långgatan 1, Gothenburg
Here you will find opening hours and more information


Service office, Malmö City
Kattsundsgatan 7, Malmö
Here you will find opening hours and more information

Service office, Malmö Värnhem
Shopping center Entrance, Fredsgatan 21, Malmö
Here you will find opening hours and more information


Service office, Luleå
Strand Galleria, Storgatan 33, Luleå
Here you will find opening hours and more information

How to apply

If you meet the requirements described above and wish to apply for a vaccination certificate, visit one of the offices above.

Bring valid identification documents and original documents for the COVID-19 vaccinations you have received. This also applies to doses taken in Sweden.

The National Government Service Centre will verify your identity and check the documentation for your vaccinations.

The National Government Service Centre will then forward the case to the Swedish e-Health Agency, which will decide whether the vaccination certificate can be issued after performing further checks. The vaccination certificate is then sent to your digital mailbox.

Approved forms of identification

Identity documents accepted are:

  • ID card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Swedish passport with burgundy cover
  • Swedish national ID card
  • Swedish driving license
  • Swedish SIS-marked ID card issued by, for example, a bank, company, government agency or Svensk Kassaservice
  • Swedish service card (without SIS mark) issued by a government agency