Obtain your vaccination certificate at a pharmacy

If you lack e-Identification, and you are therefore unable to retrieve your vaccination certificate using a computer or smartphone, you can visit a pharmacy. You can choose among approximately 1 400 pharmacies in Sweden.

The following requirements apply:

  • You have been vaccinated in Sweden and seven days should have passed since your last dose.
  • You lack e-Identification.
  • You can show valid proof of identity: ID card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency, Swedish passport with a burgundy cover, Swedish national ID card, a Swedish driver’s license, a Swedish SIS-marked ID card that has been issued by a bank, company, government authority, the Swedish Cashier Service, or a Swedish government-issued ID card (not SISmarked) issued by a government authority.
  • You have a Swedish personal identity number or immunity number.

The service is intended for those otherwise unable to obtain their vaccination certificate. If you have e-Identification we ask you to retrieve your vaccination certificate online at www.covidbevis.se and not by visiting a pharmacy.