If my vaccine certificate are missing doses, what should I do?

Please note that your vaccination certificate IS NOT automatically updated when you have it in your digital mailbox (e.g. Kivra, e-Boks or Min myndighetspost). You need to retrieve a new certificate, when you have received a new dose.

When information about your vaccine status is shown on your vaccination certificate, the text reads either:

  • “Dose 1 of 2” or
  • “Dose 2 of 2” or
  • "Dose 3 of 3" or
  • "Dose 4 of 4"

If the information is incorrect:

  1. Check that at least seven days have passed since your received your vaccine.
  2. Request a new vaccination certificate at Covidbevis.se if at least one twenty-four-hour period has elapsed since you last did so.
  3. Corrections are constantly made to data in the system. Wait a few days, then try again, if you are missing vaccine doses on your vaccination certificate.
  4. If, after completing the step above, your vaccination certificate remains incorrect, you can also try using a different device. That is, use a computer, if you previously used a mobile phone, or vice versa. (Old vaccination certificates can remain on your device).
  5. If you have received a vaccination certificate after your first dose and have received it to your digital mailbox, then you need to request a new vaccination certificate at Covidbevis.se after your second dose. The vaccination certificate is not automatically updated in your digital mailbox (e.g. Kivra, e-Boks or Min myndighetspost).
  6. If, after completing all the above steps, your vaccination certificate remains incorrect, and you plan imminent travel, contact the Swedish eHealth Agency’s customer service via e-mail, covidbevis@ehalsomyndigheten.se. State your name, telephone number, the date of the vaccination and in which region you were vaccinated.