How to read your vaccination certificate

Have you received a vaccination certificate and want to know more about what the information means? The following guide describes what the certificate contains and what the different parts mean.

En beskrivning av ett vaccinationsbevis, förklaringen ligger i text under.

The vaccination certificate contains the following information

1. Last name and first name

Your full name. 

2. Date of birth 

Your date of birth.

3. Unique ID for the certificate 

Each covid certificate has a unique identity number. In the example above, the identity number is replaced by x.

4. Country where the vaccination was issued

Here it says which country you have received the vaccination. 

5. Number in a series of vaccinations/doses and the total number of doses in the series 

Here it says if you took dose 1 of 2, dose 2 of 2, dose 3 of 3, dose 4 of 4 or dose 5 of 5. Two weeks after your second dose, you are considered vaccinated.

6. Disease or infectious agent

Here it says COVID-19.

7. Name of vaccine

Here it says which vaccine you received.

8. Vaccine/prophylaxis

This shows that you received a vaccine against COVID-19. (”Covid 19 Vaccine”).

9. Holder of marketing authorisation or manufacturer of vaccine

This shows which company manufactured the vaccine.

10. Date of last vaccination

Here is the date of your last vaccination dose. NOTE that there should only be ONE date, the date of the last dose.

11. This certificate is not a travel document/Det här beviset är ingen resehandling

This wording is only intended to clarify that the certificate is not to be equated with a passport, driving license, ID document or ticket to travel. The certificate can and must be used for travel within the EU and other European countries that accept the EU’s digital covid certificate, for example, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein.