Get your vaccination certificate at a pharmacy

If you do not have an e-identification and are therefore unable to obtain a vaccination certificate yourself on a computer or a mobile, you can contact a pharmacy. You can visit one of Sweden’s approximately 1,400 pharmacies.

To get a vaccination certificate at a pharmacy, you must:

  • Be vaccinated in Sweden and it must have been at least seven days since your last dose.

  • Have no e-identification.

  • Be able to verify your identity with an approved form of identification: ID card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency; Swedish passport with burgundy cover; Swedish national ID card; Swedish driver's license; Swedish SIS-marked ID card issued by, for example, a bank, company, authority or Swedish cashier service; or a Swedish service card (not SIS marked) issued by a government authority.

  • Have a Swedish personal identity number or immunity number.

The service provided by the pharmacy is intended for those who have no other way to obtain their vaccination certificate. If you have an e-identification, we ask you to download your vaccination certificate online at