Certificate of recovery

A certificate of recovery certifies that you have recovered from a prior COVID-19 infection. To qualify for a certificate of recovery, you must be tested by trained medical workers, or other qualified test-administrators, who physically test you for COVID-19 infection. Tests that are self-administered are not applicable.

Three different types of COVID certificate are available for travel purposes:

  • Vaccinated individuals can receive a vaccination certificate.
  • Unvaccinated individuals have the possibility to test for COVID-19 infection. Individuals who receive a negative test result can receive a test certificate.
  • Individuals who have recovered from a prior COVID-19 infection can, in certain cases, receive a certificate of recovery.

For most people, receiving a vaccination certificate or a test certificate (following a negative COVID-19 test) is quicker and easier than obtaining a certificate recovery, since a certificate of recovery requires that certain conditions be met.

If you have payed for a PCR-test in order to get a test certificate, but instead have received a positive test for covid-19, the healthcare provider can give you a certificate of recovery given the condition that they are connected to the region’s infrastructure for digital security. We kindly suggest that you contact the healthcare provider that conducted the test.

Certificate of recovery conditions

In certain cases, it may be possible to receive a certificate of recovery.

For this to be possible, you must meet several criteria:

  • You must have tested positive for COVID-19, and this test result must be recorded in your medical records.
  • Testing must have been carried out by trained medical personnel in Sweden. Medical staff must have carried out the COVID-19 test on you, in person. The test must be of the so-called NAAT, or Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (PCR or similar). Tests self-administered are not valid. Note also that antibody tests are not valid under the applicable regulations. You need to contact the healthcare, via 1177.se (then choose your region), and find out what is applicable in your region.
  • At least 11 days must have passed since your first positive test result.
  • The certificate may apply within max 180 days of the date of your first positive test result. That is, the period of validity is six months following your test result.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age, with a Swedish personal identity number and a registered home address. For children under 16, parents or guardians have to request the certificate on recovery, on behalf of the children.

If you meet these criteria, consult 1177.se regarding the requirements for requesting a certificate of recovery in your region.  

How to obtain a certificate of recovery

  1. You have been infected with COVID-19. You have, by means of a NAAT test conducted by a trained medical professional in Sweden (not a self-administered test), received a positive result for COVID-19 infection.  
  2. After recovery, and at least 11 days after testing positive, you can request a certificate of recovery from your medical provider. Contact your medical provider via 1177.se, and click to your region’s webpage to read about what applies where you live.
  3. Your medical provider will send a request to the Swedish eHealth Agency, generating a certificate of recovery.
  4. If you have a digital letterbox (E-boks, Kivra or Min myndighetspost) your certificate of recovery will be sent there.
  5. If you do not have a digital letterbox, your certificate of recovery will be sent by post to your home address as recorded in the Swedish population register.

For how long is a certificate of recovery valid?

A certificate of recovery is valid within 180 days of the date you first tested positive for COVID-19.